Here is what Clove’s clients say about her….

“Okay here’s why I think Clove is awesome!!  She does everything you’d expect from a great agent and then so much more.  Obviously her main goal is to help you buy or sell real estate, but along the way she will do anything and everything it takes to help make your life easier while you are hunting for a home or selling.  She has referred me to contractors, helped out with logistics during my moves, provided countless great advice and is always willing to help me no matter what crazy request I come up with, usually without much notice.  Clove knows her industry and will be all business while at the same time treating you like a friend.  Moving can be really stressful.  Clove makes it all better.  I highly recommend Clove to be your real estate agent.”  

                                          Brett G.

“Clove was introduced to me as a top rate referral from a friend and a family member.  As first time buyers, my husband & I had a lot of anxiety over the entire process of buying a home.  Clove found our ideal home in an excellent location and walked us through every step of the deal.   She met our expectations and consistently exceed them.  She is someone that you can rely on and trust with every detail.  She is extremely knowledgable regarding all aspects of the business.  We were so happy with the service she provided in buying our house that she is the same person we are using to sell our house many years later.  Clove is a 5 star, A+ agent.”  

                                         Kari M.

“A friend & family member highly recommended Clove as an agent when we were buying our first house. Not only did she find a dream location for us in a hidden area that we did not know about, she held our hands through the entire process as first time buyers. Several years later when we relocated, we were so happy with Clove that we used her services again to sell our house. Clove went so far above and beyond the requirements of her job in order to buy & sell our house. She is extremely smart, sharp, professional and friendly.”

                                        Katie M.

“Clove helped me buy and sell several primary residences in the Boulder area. She operates with the utmost integrity and professionalism and goes above and beyond to help you find the best property, market and sell your property and anything else you need for your new home.”

                                        Kelly L.

“And let me say this again:  YOU, Clove, made it all possible and easy and incredibly stress-free.  You are so clearly doing work that you have a true skill for.  We feel SO fortunate to have had the great fortune to work with you.” 

                                        Valari J.

“By the time I met Clove 10 years ago, I had just about given up on finding a new home. I’d been looking for several years, mostly on my own, as my husband was resistant to moving from our then current home.  For both my husband & I, meeting Clove at an Open House was one of the best strokes of luck we’ve ever had. Although we didn’t buy that Open House from Clove, she worked with us tirelessly for the next 8 months. And I mean tirelessly- going so far as to preview every single house in the neighborhood where we wanted to live. Anyone else would have given up hope of ever finding us a home. But Clove was able to find our dream home, searching it out on the MLS before the ‘For Sale’ sign was even in the yard. Throughout the closing process Clove went above and beyond the highest level of service and professionalism.

“I recently had the sad experience of settling a good friend’s estate. In her will, my friend had written that she wanted Clove to be the realtor to sell her house. Not many people would go to the trouble of naming a realtor in their will, but Clove is the type of person/friend/realtor who garners that type of loyalty. In settling the estate I came to truly respect, admire and depend upon Clove. Not only did she get the home sold in the midst of a difficult market in 2008, she coordinated and organized almost everything. Gardener? Clove had a dependable one. Same for the cleaning service, painter and stager. And not only did she have dependable contacts, she dealt with them, scheduled times for them to be at the house and made sure the work was done. Clove even helped me sell the car, lining everything up with the dealer so that all I had to do was walk in there with the title and the keys. I could not have sold the house or settled the estate without her assistance. And when it was time to empty the last items from the house, who showed up with her van to help me take everything to Sister Carmen and the recycling center? Clove. And she was six months pregnant at the time!” 

                                            Sandra E.

“Clove was a wise and steady hand in helping me find a new home and in guiding me through the confusing processes associated with it. it was my fist ever big move (from Illinois) – I can’t imagine going through it without her. She inspired confidence from the beginning and then proved herself every step of the way. I am eternally grateful and love the home she helped Me find.” 

                                           Kathy H.

“Clove Berger and hear team are professional, prompt, insightful, and wonderful to work with. She and her team know the market well, and share great information. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else – you will not be disappointed.”

                                          Joni R.

“Working with Clove to find and buy a house was a fun and rewarding adventure. She knows the business inside out and guided this first-time homebuyer through the process with skill and professionalism. She was tireless in her pursuit of the best outcome for me, in answering questions and explaining every step along the way. Clove was always present and available, prompt and prepared working in my behalf. I could not recommend her more highly.” 

                                       Barbara D.

“Clove is so knowledgeable in the Boulder area. She works tirelessly, is extremely personable, and was able to negotiate on several things my husband and I didn’t even think of. Great way to go!”  

                                       Audrey S.

“Clove helped us identify, negotiate and buy a family home in Boulder. This was made more complex in that we lived abroad and Clove went beyond the normal service to achieve a successful outcome.”  

                                      Vernon W.

“I have been through several moves and sales in Boulder over the last 17 years. In that time I have never encountered a real estate agent who has worked harder than Clove Berger. She is warm,  responsive, easy to work with and knows her business down to the last detail. Thanks Clove. ” 

                                     Christopher J.

“We enjoy working with Clove and her team. A very personable, hard working lady. Very proactive in her searches. Always responsive to our questions with solid answers.”

                                     Robert S.

“Clove knows the market and her business. We had fun and found the perfect condo. She encouraged me to go for it and managed my anxiety well during the process as I had not purchased a home in a while. She is thorough and educates articulately. It was an empowering experience and win/win for all involved.” 

                                     Shawn S.

“I’ve lived in Colorado my whole life, over 50 years. The current real estate market is the most difficult one I’ve ever had to buy a house in. Clove’s combination of enthusiasm and knowledge of the market, with its current challenges, made it so much easier than I had expected it to be. I’m extremely happy with the results of using her as my realtor.” 

                                    Lesley H.

“Clove is a wonderful friend and realtor. She goes over and beyond the call of duty. As her client, she looks out for you and protects your interest. Clove was always there when we needed her. She has great knowlege of real estate and knows exactly what she is doing. She is honest, she listens to what you have to say and she always follows through. I recommend her highly.” 

                                   Alison W.


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