Rusty finds out that their partnership together with his pledge brothers is drained

Rusty’s friendship with Calvin additionally turns out to be strained throughout the prank battle between Omega Chi and Kappa Tau. Rusty will get furious at Calvin after he tries to make-peace with Omega Chi in addition to rest of Omega Chi duct tapes him to a wall, mainly because Calvin didn’t stop his brothers from carrying it out. Calvin after that becomes resentful at Rusty when KT counter-attacks by getting a lot of farm creatures from inside the Omega Chi quarters.

Rusty additionally enters a solely intimate union with a girl named, Tina. While their KT brothers, simply tell him he should-be delighted relating to this, Rusty feels this type of relationship is not suitable him. He battles telling the girl he does not want to see the lady anymore, but with help from Heath and Beaver the guy do through a text information. Tina says to him that she’s okay with stopping issues, but that she also offers crabs.

Rusty becomes excited with the knowledge that his parents, who found freshmen parents’ week, realize that Kappa Tau are a party-loving fraternity, instead of a service fraternity he originally advised all of them. He additionally compares to his mothers for Casey, just who they’ve usually seemed to look down upon for joining a sorority alternatively focusing on the girl research. The guy tells all of them that Casey is a good character product for him and this he believes she’s inspiring.

Whenever springtime split comes, Rusty departs together with his KT brothers for Myrtle Beach. While here, Rusty features a terrible energy considering creating no garments, getting sunburned, rather than to be able to utilize their artificial ID. Rusty decides to set early and runs into Calvin, that hasn’t talked to your because the prank conflict, on shuttle facility. When their particular shuttle reduces, Calvin and Rusty choose go to another area. Once they are unable to rent a car or truck due to being under 21, they become Dale supply them a ride returning to CRU. With some help from Dale, Calvin and Rusty solve their problems and also make right up.