BUaˆ™s very early are binding, and if you’re admitted, you should enlist at BU

When making this decision, people should think about the sum of their educational record, her benefits throughout and from the class room and also to their own communities, and whether or not they believe confident that the sum of the these experience totally reflects their unique educational potential and prospective.

Students can realize your desire to indicate whether or not they wants BU to consider their own standardized examination score if they pertain. As soon as they need published their particular software, this solution are not changed.

Understanding BU’s coverage on university panel’s Score possibility and operate Super rating if college students elect to submit BU her examination score?

If students choose to send examination results, BU highly suggests college students distribute their ratings from each examination government. BU features always regarded a student’s greatest SAT section ratings in making admissions choices and certainly will continue to do therefore. For additional information about get possibility, please visit the faculty panel web site.

For all the ACT, if you submit results from numerous test dates, the panel of Admissions will look at the scores from all the subcategories, observing the best results achieved per. This is exactly why, we motivate people to submit scores from all ACT examination administrations at the same time. We recommend that your request getting their test results delivered three months prior to the program deadline.

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If you should be using as a first-year pupil, yes, you are not needed to select a major until the conclusion regarding sophomore season. Most education and universities within BU has an aˆ?undecided’ option; however, first-year student individuals will need to choose our schools or universities to suit your program to BU.