Thus lately, we felt a sense of urgency, thus I quickly addressed the deal and YouTube causing all of that..

I recently told her to share with me personally actually and text me whenever she will get home, but she smashed this [promise again]. A: That’s all we ever require Kim Seon Ho: One time, filming ended earlier in the day. I inquired the lady what she’s creating, and she stated she’s resting. Therefore I went to the girl house or apartment with something special, but she isn’t house. This lady vehicle wasn’t even there. Afterwards, she promised not to sit. I’m therefore mad. A: You should date somebody various versus someone who troubles your.

Their own talk continued 24 hours later:

Kim Seon Ho: (delivers very long content delivered by Choi younger Ah) A: how can you feel? Kim Seon Ho: i enjoy their also..but as a result, apparent Kim Seon Ho: I think she’s planning lay once again A: Discover a greater potential for that occurring A: Do you ever see a future together with her? Kim Seon Ho: we don’t notice it yet Kim Seon Ho: She penned the message in such a heartbreaking method sigh A: What’s upsetting would be that everyone seems to take action well but matchmaking, love, and also matrimony tend to be.. hard. A: From my personal perspective, I think [her actions] is continuously repetitive Kim Seon Ho: My personal mind hurts…I don’t envision she’ll fix this A: this is simply not a drama like “The field of the Married” or “Love and War”.. Kim Seon Ho: I am able to see it when looking at they from another viewpoint, but from within, they feels as though I’m in h2o Kim Seon Ho: It’s irritating, like I can virtually find it but can’t. A: You are sure that however they are however slipping for it.

Kim Seon Ho in addition got pointers from B, a theatre star who is good friends with both Kim Seon Ho and Choi kids Ah. B considered Kim Seon Ho, “She says she won’t try it again. You really need to recognize they if she’s apologizing such as that.” Kim Seon Ho next decided to forgive this lady.

On July 24, Choi younger Ah revealed that she is expecting. She known as Kim Seon Ho while whining as well as delivered your a text.

Relating to B, Kim Seon Ho thought to their, “It’s a true blessing, thus don’t weep.”

B discussed, “At initial, he congratulated their claiming it’s a decent outcome. I think he had been really frightened however. The guy truly think a great deal about it. Sadly, the two agreed to let [the child] go. And he carefully asked for one thing from me.”

On July 27, B waited for the parking lot, the spot where the two arrived all the way down later on than scheduled. Their particular dialogue have lengthier because Choi younger Ah out of the blue altered her notice.

B shared, “Both had totally distended eyes once they arrived lower. This sort of choice mustn’t have already been easy to create. While I went along to a healthcare facility along with her, he went along to get foods for seaweed soups. He could be somebody who can’t prepare at all…”

Kim Seon Ho prepared their seaweed soups for two weeks. On “2 time & 1 Night Season 4,” the guy discussed, “I’m sure just how to cook seaweed soup because I made it lately.”

Choi kids Ah blogged within her original post, “Kim Seon Ho’s mindset altered entirely after the abortion.” She asserted that he “made a believable pledge about marriage and launching [her] to his parents by behaving and lying.”